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About Us

Who is Kaz::: Richard Kasmier was an advertising photographer in his past life. After 8 years of award winning amateur winemaking he made the leap to commercial winemaking.

What is Kaz::: A very small, family owned Winery. We have grown all of our grapes with ORGANIC practices since the beginning. We were the first in Sonoma Valley to grow this way!

When is Kaz::: The Kenwood property was purchased in 1986 and 2.5 acres were planted in 1987. Our Bond 5809, was granted in Aug. 1994. Our first release was 400 cases of vintage 1994 which was made at Wellington Winery where Kaz was a cellar rat.

Where is Kaz today::: He is a grandpa of 5! He is a happy winemaker helping to make Lakeport our new winery home. But his attention will soon to be helping an old friend start there dreams to become a winery. He made his 2015 vintages all from Lake County fruit.

Kaz has a You Tube Channel by Dallas Munger all shot from our winery in Sonoma. http://www.youtube.com/kazwinery

Staff::: Kaz has great help from his family. Wife, Sandi, is mostly doing the accounting & wine klub. She is an artist in all types of mediums. Large murals to mosaics to photo renderings.

Son Ryan is the look of the Winery. By that I mean, he does the labels, ads and web stuff! The visual guy! He has his own design company doing logo & website creations. http://www.ryankazdesign.com.

Daughter Kristin was the cellar rat for years & did tasting room duties along with everything else.